SnowFlame Pellet Stove Products

Our Brand New 2015 SnowFlame 3000 model multi-fuel pellet stoves are now available at unbelievably low prices!!! They are by far the best multi-fuel pellet stoves we have ever made!!!   We spared no expense in using the absolute best 21st Century modern manufacturing techniques available utilizing PRECISE LASER-GUIDED ROBOT WELDING!!! This technique produces the smoothest and straightest welds possible!


SnowFlame 3000 Model                  
Multi-Fuel Pellet Stove


   100% STAINLESS Steel Vent Kit - $300



Black Victorian Legs - $125                  Gold Victorian Legs - $250                 Nickel Victorian Legs - $250


Black Modern Base - $150



 3000 Stove & Black Legs                        Gold Door - $250                            Nickel Door - $250  


3000 Stove & Black Base



FUEL SAVER System - $150

Only SnowFlame Pellet Stoves have the patented FUEL SAVER System which will save our customers THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.  It's like getting a FREE corn pellet stove delivered right to your front door!   This EXCLUSIVE and REVOLUTIONARY System increases stove efficiency by an amazing 25% and allows SnowFlame Pellet Stoves, or any similar type multi-fuel pellet stove or corn stove equipped with the FUEL SAVER System, to burn less fuel than ANY OTHER multi-fuel pellet stove or corn stove! It also helps reduce ash build-up in your stove which greatly reduces stove maintenance. Buying less fuel and refilling the hopper as well as cleaning the stove less often saves you both time and money!


Complete BUSINESS in a BOX - ONLY $10,000

Tired of struggling to make ends meet and just getting by from paycheck to paycheck?

With our Complete BUSINESS in a BOX, you can start your own business and BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

You can even get your own business started using other people's money for the entire investment!


SELL SnowFlame Multi-Fuel Heaters AND the FUEL they need for BIGGER PROFITS year after year!