SnowFlame 3000

BTU 8,000 to 30,000 BTU
Hopper Capacity 60 pounds of multi-fuel pellets
Approx burn time on low 28 to 32 hours
Power consumption @ max 183 watts
Unit weight 150 pounds
Room Blower CFM @ max 180 CFM
Area heated efficiently Up To 2,000 square feet
Vent requirements 5" through wall
Dimensions 20.5" w x 23" l x 24" high
  with legs add 7" to height

 *Due to climates, corn grades and/or moisture content, individual room temperature preferences, dwelling design, insulation, etc., exact - across the board - burn times and heated area efficiencies cannot be given. The above figures are an average based on customer feedback and may vary up or down depending upon individual dwelling variances.