Company News

SnowFlame Pellet Stoves is committed to making the highest quality multi-fuel pellet heating stove at the lowest price! Our CEO, Robert Shipman, came from a hard working, middle class family that constantly struggled to make ends meet.  His father, Buddy, taught him at an early age to do your  very best at whatever you do, and he has not forgotten his roots or the value of a dollar.  While other pellet stove companies are looking for ways to raise their prices by adding many expensive and unnecessary components, SnowFlame Pellet Stoves has remained true to their philosophy of keeping it simple and affordable so that all hard working families can save up to 50% or more on their heating costs! That's why we utilize precise, laser guided robot welding and energy saving features such as our patented FUEL SAVER System and multi-fuel Air Control System. SnowFlame Pellet Stoves offers the absolute best quality, yet affordable, multi-fuel pellet stove on the market.